Shannon is back

Readers might notice that I haven’t posted a blog in over five years. I was busy writing books, experimenting, and getting feedback. Now with my covid isolation ending, I have a lot of material. Most of my original work is rewritten. Each new book stands alone.

The first rewritten book is Coyote Cousins. It covers the second half of the former first book when Shannon is fifteen and ditches summer camp.

The second rewritten book is Drawing for Blade. It is a whole new story told by Shannon and Blade, immediately following Shannon’s summer alone. She hopes a secret military project will help her understand her premonitions, but it’s hard to know who to trust.

I’ve begun rewriting Drawing for Dad. Shannon follows her star-struck father into the Arab Spring. Dad has his own chapters, but Shannon is sometimes the adult in the room. It’s up to her to disentangle them from Egypt without her father having a clue.

The last book, so far, Reading Rock Art, strains Shannon’s skills and emotions in whole new ways. She turns sixteen as it begins and feels like fifty by the time things settle down a few weeks later.

Another book seems to be required. My ideas about it are edgy, so, before I begin, I want to figure out more about how it might resolve.

For people who want to know more about Tommy, I’ll probably go back and rewrite Shannon’s fourteenth summer at the cabin. It would be a prequel to the books listed above.

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