About Meera

Sia at the phone spot?

Sia at the phone spot?

Meera’s Story

Meera Mayflower is a fictional character in an almost-real situation. She may have inherited magical shaman powers from her great-grandfather, but it’s hard to talk about clairvoyance when your parents are both college professors and scientists. It’s even harder to live with the consequences of not understanding and developing the special abilities you might be privileged to possess.

Sleeping with Coyotes is Book One. Meera is alone and fourteen when it all begins. She loves animals and has a special ability to interact with them. She is fiercely determined to be independent, but her Shoshone mother and young brother are the center of her universe.

Meera is a bright ninth-grader with a best friend and a crush on an older boy. She lives in Claremont, California, east of Los Angeles, but spends every summer at her family’s wilderness cabin near the Sierra Nevada crest. Along the way, Meera’s perfect family disintegrates, her father starts doing research in Greenland every summer, and she’s expected to go to summer camp.

She has had mystical experiences before, but it’s different now. Meera has serious problems to overcome, important things to discover, and only a bag full of clues to guide her. A year later, at fifteen, Meera is back where it all started with a whole new understanding of her unique world and a family you won’t believe.

Drawing for Blade is Book Two. Meera’s problems are not over. Blade becomes a major player whose intensions are not clear. How will she learn his secrets when he seldom talks and keeps disappearing on his Ducati? Meera is good at a lot of things, but she doesn’t know whom to trust. Some of Meera’s most important discoveries are made as she follows her father to Egypt during the Arab Spring.

Reading Rock Art is Book Three, almost complete. Meera is sixteen now, in 2012, and clashes with her well-meaning father who consistently misunderstands and punishes her while she tries desperately to support a secret mission in Afghanistan. Meera takes risks beyond her years to help the people she loves. She learns the hazards of big secrets and the rewards of inner strength.

Meera is onto something monumental, but the issues she has yet to resolve may carry her into a fourth book.

Blog Plans

Meera grapples with questions she is afraid to ask. This blog will tell some of my stories that relate to Meera’s experiences. Some blogs might explain parts of Meera’s past—like the night she helped her father deliver her premature baby brother at the family’s wilderness cabin. Maybe her father will want to tell his side of a conflict he has with his daughter. The Native American rock art could speak. Who knows.

Sometimes I will post book sections for feedback. Maybe lots of times. Perhaps you know more about special ops forces, canine behavior, or Shoshone cultural traditions than I do. Meera is in situations real to her. It should feel real to you too. You can help.

You know the drill. If you like what you’re reading, tell your friends. If you don’t like it, tell me and I’ll try to make it right.

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