The Meera trilogy is coming soon!

On top of the world.

Sia header photo

People ask about the picture of a young teenager sitting on a mountaintop. It’s me, Sia Staehle (in those days), at age 15 (roughly), signing the logbook somewhere in the San Juan Mountains. I climbed a few peaks in Southwest Colorado with my dad that summer, but I don’t remember which one this was. He must have taken the picture and somehow it fell into my hands several years ago. Was that the beginning of the Meera trilogy?

Okay, I haven’t done any recent blogs, but now I’ve changed the name of my heroine from Shannon Mayflower to Meera Mayflower. I think it suits her better. I have pictures, alternative points of view, trial material, backstory that Meera tells, and other various experimental ideas. The blog will be a testing ground and a way to find interested readers. “Find your tribe,” is the jargon I’ve heard.

I prepared the ABOUT page to summarize each of the three books about Meera without giving away the plots. Soon, I will start to blog sections of Sleeping with Coyotes with an explanation of certain backstory events as if Meera were telling about it now, when she is a few years older.

I am older, too—more than a few years older than the picture, and married.

Suggestions about my adventure as a writer and social media user are entirely welcome.

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