About Shannon

Sia at the phone spot?

Sia at the phone spot?

Shannon’s Story

Shannon Mayflower is a fictional character in an almost-real situation. She may have inherited magical powers from her great-grandfather, but it’s hard to talk about clairvoyance when your parents are both college professors and scientists. It’s even harder to live with the consequences of not understanding and developing the special abilities you might be privileged to possess. The Shannon stories explore episodes in Shannon’s teen years.

Coyote Cousins  At fifteen Shannon ditches camp and heads out to spend the summer alone at her family’s wilderness cabin near the Sierra Nevada crest. She has only a bag full of clues to guide her, and winds up with a whole new family you won’t believe.

Drawing for Blade  Blade, a Navy SEAL, is assigned to recruit Shannon to a secret military project examining anomalous cognition. They tell their story from different points of view and get tangled in conspiracy.

Drawing for Dad  Shannon is horrified to learn that only a year after her mother was killed, her father is intent on marrying an Egyptian former student of his. She follows him into the Arab Spring and then must find a way to find him and secretly extract him from Cairo’s prisons.

Reading Rock Art  Shannon’s well-meaning father consistently misunderstands and punishes her while she tries desperately to support a secret mission in Afghanistan. Shannon takes risks beyond her years to help the people she loves. She learns the hazards of big secrets and the rewards of inner strength.

Some of the books are still in draft form. The project is in progress. Shannon is onto something monumental, but the issues she has yet to resolve may carry her into more books.

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